Speech Manager

In the world of industry and technology today, no success will be achieved. In order to reach the peaks of success, we must flourish our will and will with the use of science, equipment, tools and human resources.
I have always emphasized on the fact that, despite the sanctions and disadvantages that the international community attaches to the Iranian maritime industry, and the numerous difficulties that exist in the field of marine industry in our beloved country, , To manufacture and manufacture the required vessels for the collection under our supervision with the knowledge of the day and the use of the Iranian specialist in the interior. The proof of the alleged production and construction of the first Iranian tug with the Dutch Damen map in the most difficult conditions of supplying parts and accessories I need to know that we were able to overcome the problems with perseverance and determination.
Considering the needs of the country’s oil industry at offshore, we have been able to use five potential technical technical capabilities to build and operate another five service vessels, and another three other floating services are under construction.