Technical Services

With about half a century of experience, Omid Saffour Parsian Co. has the ability to provide advice and implementation in the field of technical and engineering services.


Offshore services

The company has the ability to provide offshore services in a wide range, including the following services:

  1. Coordination and action required to deliver the equipment and components needed for offshore platforms.
  2. Perform Customs, Custody and Documents to Deliver Goods Needed.
  3. Providing floating service units for delivery of food, medical services and other items.
  4. Carry out all transfers of personnel of platforms, both from Iran and abroad.

Supply of telecommunication equipment and safety

To take advantage of the experience of the international activities of the company as well as the commitment to carry out the correct and accurate work of all industrial processes, including the construction of its own vessels and the timely delivery of equipment, the company hopes to take Parsian Beach as a company with the purpose and regularity of doing business. Provision of telecommunication and safety equipment for customers


Chartering (Rental)

Based on its expertise in the field of maritime transport, Parsian Sea Shipping Company is able to meet the needs of the owners of goods around the world. The company has the ability to supply a variety of marine vessels for its customers, and this has been achieved through 50 years of successful operations.


Shipping Line Agent

Providing Shipping Agency Services to Ships in Southern Iran, Providing Effective and Fast Services to Customers.